10 Free Date Night Ideas

10 Free Date Night Ideas--love, Marybelle| 10 great ideas for dates you can do with your spouse that don't cost a single penny!

Taking the time to have a weekly date night is so important in your marriage. It can seem really hard, let alone expensive, to set aside the time to just be together, but it is so worth it! Making time for each other shows your spouse how much you care for them, that they are more important than anything else with which you may be dealing, and it can be so much fun! My husband and I have made it a priority to have a date every week. On occasion we take our son with us, but mostly we try to have one-on-one time. Our natural inclination is to go out to dinner, or get ice cream, or do other activities that require money, but those little expenses started adding up pretty quickly and we realized that our bank accounts (and our stress) couldn’t keep it up much longer. Instead of giving up our precious dates, we started brainstorming things we could do for free! Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Blanket Fort
    • Build a blanket fort together in the living room, or even on your bed! Dress it up with some Christmas lights if you have any handy, then grab some snacks, games, or a movie and you’re ready for a romantic getaway in your own living room!
  2. Library
    • Head over to your local library and find your favorite books to read to each other, or find a new favorite together!
  3. Music Video
    • Make a music video or movie trailer together! Use your camera or phone to take short clips of you and your spuse dancing, walking, smiling, anything you like and put them all together with a fun song in the background. Use a simple video editing software like iMovie to stitch video clips together, or if you don’t have access to a computer or want to do something less labor intensive, just lipsync to a favorite song!
  4. Sports
    • Go to a park and play your favorite sport together, or make up a new sport! Have fun being creative. Some of my favorite made-up games are Ultimate Hopscotch (use chalk to draw a long and complicated hopscotch then use a stopwatch to time each other) and Volley-tenn-soc-pong Ball (a game played with your feet on a tennis court, with a volleyball-esque scoring system.)
  5. Picnic
    • Throw together some sandwiches then grab a blanket and go to a place with a pretty view to eat and enjoy each other’s company. Weather not cooperating? Some of my favorite picnics have been inside on a rainy day!
  6. Give Service
    • Bake cookies for a friend who is having a rough time, volunteer at a homeless shelter, write cards of encouragement and hand them to strangers on the street, anything you can think of that will help someone else! Serving others is a great way to grow closer together, and to invite the Lord into your marriage.
  7. Art
    • Draw portraits of each other. If you’re feeling daring, try copying an artistic style like cubism or impressionism. If just drawing feels too intimidating, print coloring pages off of the internet and just have a nice time coloring together.
  8. Night at the “Theater”
    • Pick up a DVD of a play or opera from the library and have a night at the theater in your own home. You could even dress up for your special night “out.” Want to know what the best part is? You can sing along and eat snacks while you watch, if you want to!
  9. Marshmallow War
    • Build catapults or slingshots out of rubber bands and spoons, or use small pvc pipes as blow guns and have a war using mini marshmallows as ammunition! Get creative with rules or setup. You could make barriers to hide behind, have rules about how many times you can be hit before you have to “lose an arm” or even play capture the flag at the same time.
  10. Scavenger Hunt
    • Go around your neighborhood or town and try to find objects that look like letters, then take a picture of each one. You could try to find the letters to spell your names, or even search for the whole alphabet!

I hope these suggestions are useful for you and help spark even more ideas for date nights with your spouse! Which one is your favorite? What are some of your go-to dates for free?

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