Month: July 2015

10 Free Date Night Ideas

Taking the time to have a weekly date night is so important in your marriage. It can seem really hard, let alone expensive, to set aside the time to just be together, but it is so worth it!… Read More

Home is Wherever I’m With You

As we’ve been preparing for our big cross-country move and packing up I’ve been feeling really nostalgic. This is the only house my husband and I have lived in together. It was where we brought our son home… Read More

Making Our Homes More Holy//Using Artwork

My husband and I went to the Parade of Homes last month and it was a blast. I loved looking at all of the decorations, the floor plans, the kitchens, (I was absolutely drooling over the multiple laundry rooms… Read More

Improve Communication in Your Marriage// Ask “What Are You Thinking?”

Wouldn’t it be so nice if our spouses could read our minds? It would make so many aspects of marriage easier. My husband and I frequently disagree or have misunderstandings, but we have never fought. One of the… Read More

4 Tips to Bond with Your Newborn

Connecting with a new baby can be hard, especially when you’ve likely gone through a very exhausting ordeal (labor and/or C-section) only to get practically no sleep for a few months afterwards. Even if you’re in love with… Read More

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