5 DIY Projects for your Toddler// plus a Printable

5 DIYs for your Toddler plus a freebie--love, Marybelle

If you have a toddler, hopefully you understand why my house is rarely clean, and why those rare moments are usually between midnight and 6 am. That being said, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love my little one, I love his creativity, and I love his enthusiasm! I can’t wait to play with him when he wakes up rom his naps, but oh man, he grows out of his toys quickly! So here’s a round-up of 5 things I want to make for my little toddler:

ONE: A Teepee

5 DIYs for your toddler--1 a Teepee

I saw this adorable teepee from the Land of Nod, and fell instantly in love! However, I quickly fell out of love again when I saw the nearly $160 price tag. After looking closely, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to make myself! I found this great tutorial from Pink Toes and Power Tools that requires a bit of sewing, but I have seen some others that don’t require a needle or thread, so if that intimidates you, there are plenty of other options.

TWO: Felt Garden Toy

5 DIYs for your Toddler--2 DIY Felt Garden Box

When I grow up, I want a garden. I think a garden is a great place for kids to learn to work hard, and also to have fun and learn about healthy food. However, we have no where to grow one right now, and when we move to New York in a couple of months winter will last until May, so there won’t be much chance to garden with my little one. Making this adorable felt garden box from A Beautiful Mess looks fairly easy, and it would be so much fun to play with once it’s done! This would be one of those toys that I would want to play with now, let alone when I was little.

THREE: Busy Board

5 DIYs for your toddler--3 a busy board

This busy board looks pretty simple to assemble, and my little boy would love it! He’s a huge fan of doors and switches and anything along those lines so I think this could keep him entertained for a long time! The original blogger over at Million Ayres said that it cost her around $50, but I’m hoping to cut the cost dow a little bit. I know my husband would love this project, because it would mean we would probably need to buy that power drill he’s been wanting for a while.

FOUR: Magnetic Fishing Pole and Fishies

5 DIYs for your toddler--DIY-toy-fishing-pole-with-magnetic-fabric-fishes-1-1

This darling fishing toy from Make It—Love It has such a sweet, rustic kind of feel to it, which goes perfectly with the theme I’m hoping to get in my son’s new bedroom when we move, and I love that the fishing line can actually be reeled in. As an added bonus, my little boy loves playing with magnets, so that is a definite upside for our little family.

FIVE: Hooded Towel

5 DIYs for your toddler--5 Hooded Towel

This one isn’t technically a toy, but it’s incredibly useful. I had one when I was a little girl and I absolutely loved it! It was so snuggly warm, and great for the cold trek from the bathtub to the bedroom on chilly winter nights. To make this even better, the blogger over at Simple Bliss said it only cost her about $5 to make!

I can’t wait to get started on these projects, though sadly, some will just have to wait until after we move so that I can stay focussed on packing and not on making messes. Have a lovely day!

P.S. as promised, here’s your free printable! I made it in two colors because I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I love “chalkboard” art, but I felt like the cream might go better in my home, so thanks to my indecisiveness you now have a choice!

Pardon the Mess Printable--love, MarybellePardon the Mess Printable--love, Marybelle

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