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What Would a Holy Me Do?//My Experience

This is the second post in a series. If you’d like to read the first post, click here. As I went through the “What Would a Holy Woman Do?” challenge, I sometimes found it difficult to remember what… Read More

What Would a Holy Me Do?

This morning I read What Would a Holy Woman Do? by Wendy Watson Nelson and I was truly inspired. I was expecting it to be filled with lists of “a holy women does this, a holy woman would never… Read More

How to Invite the Lord into Your Marriage

A few weeks ago some good friends asked my husband a question: “How can we invite the Lord into our marriage?” He posed the same question to me and suggested we study it together. It has been a really… Read More

Improve Communication in Your Marriage// Ask “What Are You Thinking?”

Wouldn’t it be so nice if our spouses could read our minds? It would make so many aspects of marriage easier. My husband and I frequently disagree or have misunderstandings, but we have never fought. One of the… Read More

4 Tips to Bond with Your Newborn

Connecting with a new baby can be hard, especially when you’ve likely gone through a very exhausting ordeal (labor and/or C-section) only to get practically no sleep for a few months afterwards. Even if you’re in love with… Read More

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