Making Our Homes More Holy//Using Artwork

Making Our Homes More Holy// Using Artwork--love, Marybelle | One of the easiest way to bring the Lord's spirit into our homes is through the artwork we choose to display.

My husband and I went to the Parade of Homes last month and it was a blast. I loved looking at all of the decorations, the floor plans, the kitchens, (I was absolutely drooling over the multiple laundry rooms in one home.) I was really enjoying all the cosmetic aspects of the houses and I got a lot of great ideas for our new home.

Then we went to my favorite house. It was big, it was beautifully designed, the yellow siding was so darling, and I liked it. The decor was not at all the style I have envisioned for our new home, but before we were halfway through the house I turned to my husband and said, “This is the first house that feels like a home.” It took me a while to put my finger on it, but I finally realized why–it was the artwork. The pictures on the walls weren’t posters of celebrities, or old maps, or even landscapes. Every single piece in that home had religious themes. They were all portraits of the savior, or scenes from the scriptures. Some of them were obvious, some were a little less blatant, but the spirit and the holiness they brought to that home was tangible.

I realized that I was focussing on the wrong things. There’s no harm in having a beautiful home, and it can be so fun to decorate and re-decorate, but this home helped me to remember what is most important: having the  Lord’s spirit in our homes. I want to have more pictures of the Savior in my house. I want my children to know and recognize him. I want to have the joy and peace of the atonement in my home all the time!

So, today I committing that within a week of moving to our new place, I will have every picture of the Savior that I own on the wall. I also will be continuing to search for, and potentially create, new artwork for my home!

For those of you wanting to join me in making the artwork in your home more holy, here are some of my favorite artists’ websites. Not all of their paintings are religious, but the ones that are, are absolutely stunning.


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