What Would a Holy Me Do?

What Would a Holy Me Do? love, Marybelle| A simple challenge that doesn't take any extra time out of your day to help you be more holy

This morning I read What Would a Holy Woman Do? by Wendy Watson Nelson and I was truly inspired. I was expecting it to be filled with lists of “a holy women does this, a holy woman would never do that, etc.” Instead, she shares an experience of studying what it means to be holy, and then issuing a challenge to some of her friends. She shares their choices and lessons learned during this experiment, and they are enlightening.

I read most of the first chapter, but my little boy came up and tried to take the book from me, wanting me to play with him. At first I started reading out loud to try and make him think that I was reading to him, but then I thought about the title. Would a holy woman ignore her little boy? Or would she play with him and build a strong relationship? To me, the answer was obvious. I spent the next 45 minutes or so playing with him and giving him my full attention. We played with trains, read books, and even cleaned up together before nap time.

After he was asleep I promptly sat down and finished the book and determined that I would accept Wendy’s challenge:

“For three days… just once a day, purposefully choose one of your daily activities and try to “be holy” while doing it.”

So, take one thing that you already do or deal with on a regular basis, and try to be holy while doing it. Whether it be choosing what to wear, dealing with an unpleasant customer, exercising, playing with children, or making dinner, think purposefully about how to “be holy” while you do these things.

Today, I choose to take playing with my son as my goal and make sure that I am not multitasking when unnecessary, surfing social media, or resting on the couch watching him play. Instead, I will actively play with him, engage with him, do what he is doing, and give him my full attention. When I’m done with this three day challenge, I’ll come back and share my experiences with you! I hope that I can keep doing this even after my 3 days are up!

I sincerely hope that some of you will take this challenge with me, and if you would like, I would love to hear about your experiences! How can you be holy?

2 Comments on “What Would a Holy Me Do?

  1. Hi, Daney,

    In the author’s mind or, maybe more importantly, in your mind…what does it mean to be holy? Does it mean to have presence of mind, to be righteous, faithful, or a combination of these things? Does the process invite you to think about what holiness means to you?

    I love you and your proactive journey,
    Aunty Dana

    • Those are great questions, Aunty!
      The author really leaves it up to the reader to define holiness, and the process really gives you a chance to think about what that means. I really like your definition! I think the short answer for how I’ve defined it for myself is “Christlike.” If He were standing beside me how would I do the things I need to do? Or if He were doing these things how would he do them?
      Love You!

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