What Would a Holy Me Do?//My Experience

What Would a Holy Me Do?//My experience|love, Marybelle

This is the second post in a series. If you’d like to read the first post, click here.

As I went through the “What Would a Holy Woman Do?” challenge, I sometimes found it difficult to remember what is was I was supposed to be doing. I am a very easily distracted person. The one “side effect” of this experiment that I was not expecting was that the harder I tried to focus on how to be holy in my task for that day, my focus in general improved. I was less distracted by technology, books, noises, shiny things, you name it. As I tried to be holy in one facet of my life I found it easier to focus on the tasks at hand, regardless of whether or not that was supposed to be my focus for that day.

Another benefit that I had been hoping for was that my thoughts throughout the day were more uplifting. They tended more towards optimism and praise of others than towards pessimism, anger, or frustration. The more I tried to be holy, the easier it was to be kind to myself and to others! This was a great benefit.

My first day, as I mentioned in the previous post, I chose to try to be more holy in my interactions with my toddler. I tried to give him my undivided attention when there wasn’t anything pressing to be done. When he colored on the wall or stood on my foot or any other normal toddler behaviors I was able to be much more patient. I took the time to teach him and I encouraged him to help me with cleaning (he liked using the sponge to wipe the crayon off the walls) and even cooking! I’ve tried to let him help me with cooking at least twice a week since then and he has loved it!

The second day I was praying to know what to focus on and couldn’t think of anything. As the morning progressed I noticed an unusual tension between my husband and I. We were both being defensive in our remarks and a little less than loving. At first I was frustrated with my husband for “causing” this problem, but then I realized that it was at least as much my fault as his. I knew what my task for that day was. I quickly apologized to my husband for the hurtful things I had said and asked if we could pray together for the spirit to comeback to our home and ask for help in being more loving and kind. My angel of a spouse quickly agreed, and apologized for his small part in our rocky morning. For the rest of the day I did my best to be kind, helpful, and loving. I also tried to control my thoughts so that I was also kind to him in my mind. This was probably the best day of the challenge for me.

The last day I chose something that is difficult for me: housework. Namely dishes. I don’t know why but I would rather do almost anything rather than scrub dishes. This was made even harder by the fact that my son and I both got sick that day. Honestly, day three did not go well. But as I lay in bed cuddling my toddler and sneezing uncontrollably I thought a lot about how a holy woman would do chores. What are her motivations? Why does she do what needs to be done? I decided that a holy woman is industrious and hard working. She understands the importance of getting things done quickly so that there is more time for other important (and probably more fun) things. She also recognizes that homemaking is a form of service. In taking care of her home she is serving her family. (My Hubby’s main love language is acts of service so that was a big eye-opener for me. Doing dishes is a way to make my husband feel loved.) A holy woman probably also recognizes that if her home is clean it is easier to feel the spirit and to have peace. These are lessons I’m trying to drill into my own head, and I intend to try again today and probably tomorrow to be holy in my housekeeping.

I really enjoyed this experiment and I grew a lot from the things that I learned and the results I saw. I intend to let this experiment change my life and to continue with it until it becomes habit. I want to constantly ask myself, “What would a holy me do?”

Did you do this challenge? What are some things you learned? What were some of the unexpected results you had? Leave a comment (button at top of post) and let me know!


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